Healthcare is a Human Right

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I’m not afraid to say healthcare is a human right…

I have worked with the UN’s World Health Organization all around the world (losing full care was the hardest part about returning to the States for me), so I am not afraid to say that Healthcare is a Human Right. People do not understand the invisible burden we carry by not having that right realized and if you have ever dealt with insecure healthcare, then you know the immense stress that exists when you are not covered.

Virginia has seen a record number of people covered when the General Assembly decided to expand Medicaid last year. In fact, when enrollment began on Jan 1, the state projected that 200,000 would enroll by June (half of the total by half of the year), but we surpassed that goal by 77,000 people. 

People need affordable healthcare in Virginia. We can do this by continuing Medicaid expansion (it’s federal dollars back to the community), protecting women’s healthcare and their right to bodily autonomy, and defending vulnerable populations (those with preexisting conditions and complex medical issues). When you include the people in the margins, you include everyone.