Families Belong Together

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Families belong together

A teenage boy was recently found dead at a border patrol station. He is the fifth child to die at the U.S. Mexico border since December. Carlos Hernandez Vascez. #sayhisname

What this issue is NOT about: ‘illegals’ or even ‘migrants’ or any rhetoric that serves to dehumanize.

What this issue IS about: It is about keeping families together and protecting the right to seek asylum. It transcends immigration. It is about whether or not we believe in basic human rights for families and children. 

We must end detention center abuse. This facility was a prison facility, not a place that any child should EVER have been placed. One of the best ways to stop these abuses is to break ties with private prisons and immigrant detention centers. Herein lies the tie:

In Virginia, one of the state’s largest prisons, the Lawrenceville Correctional Center, has been outsourced to the GEO Group Corporation, one of the nation’s most profitable and notorious prison companies and one of the biggest operators of immigrant detention centers. 

These types of centers should NEVER be profit driven. The prison industrial complex is destroying families, debilitating communities—especially communities of color—and destabilizing society in general. But we have the power to stop it and we must stop it.

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