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The issues of creating decent paying jobs and improving infrastructure are linked because investing in infrastructure grows the economy and can provide workers with a decent standard of living. The 87th is a special case because when the Silver Line is completed to the Dulles Airport, it will mark the first time that the Metro is extended to Loudoun County, and its doing so through my District. I am a huge proponent of affordable and accessible public transportation and the jobs that go with it. 

When it comes to infrastructure, our District has a massive problem with simply letting developers and investors do what they want because they have the money to do so. Because of this, there is  virtually no affordable housing in my District, congestion rates are intolerable as high density housing coupled with poor planning clogs our roads, and development continues to happen with little community consultation. We must reign in development in a fair and equitable way so that we have the infrastructure to first support our existing neighborhoods.

I also believe there is a youth proponent here. We have got to get creative about ensuring that youth unemployment is rectified and young adults have access to the jobs they need to move up the economic ladder. Conventional wisdom does not match the reality of our economy today. The Ubers and Airbnbs exist not just because they are convenient—these are gap in transportation and housing that are being filled by the sharing economy that young people have created in order to survive. When jobs do not exist (think lack of social security and a limited ability of older generations to retire) or when jobs (even full-time ones) do not pay enough, one must adjust. Creating programs that employ youth, require internships to be paid, and allow for being paid a minimum wage are crucial to addressing this problem. 

Finally, I support unions and strengthening labor movements in Virginia. When you talk jobs, these aspects must be included because without collective bargaining power and ability to organize, we will not have a say in our own economic futures. Right-To-Work must be repealed. #unionstrong