Black Lives Matter

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Racial Justice

What this issue is NOT about: the ranking of human life or the denial that lives matter.

What this issue IS about: 

  1.  The recognition that our society has a long history of treating the black community, and their very lives, as lesser than others. 

  2.  A movement to build local power and to intervene when systemic, rampant and deliberate violence is inflicted on our Black brothers and sisters.

  3. A call to action to end state-sanctioned violence and anti-Black racism.

We live in a State where our governor has not only practiced blackface, but the picture accusing him of it also include a person dressed in a KKK hood. Virginia is a commonwealth built upon white male land ownership—where SLAVES, not indentured servants—were brought here unwillingly. And we are still wrestling with reconciling that legacy. Freed slaves helped shape our state after the civil war, including writing our new constitution. So when you wonder why people are so passionate about taking down Confederate statutes or changing the names of public roads and schools to stop honoring them, think on that. 

My favorite saying from the Black Lives Matter movement is that: To love and desire freedom and justice for ourselves is a prerequisite for wanting the same for others. Let’s make that a reality in Virginia.