Reproductive Justice

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Reproductive Justice

Reproductive justice, including full gender equality for women’s health and the human right to bodily autonomy, matters. This issue is especially important as the news of Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and who knows what other states are passing some of the most restrictive abortion bans in our nation’s history since Roe v. Wade was decided. The Alabama law bans abortions from the moment of conception and threatens doctors with up to 99 years in prison. It has been specifically crafted for a Supreme Court ruling. 

What this issue shows us exactlywhy VOTING is important. Twenty-five white Republican men passed this law. In Georgia, had Stacy Abrams not had the election stolen from her, she would never had signed the ‘heartbeat’ bill into law. As a woman, I know that six weeks without a period is not abnormal. 

An abortion is a healthcare decision made between a woman and her doctor. Full stop. Women must make health care decisions free of constraint and have control over their own reproductive destinies. The anti-choice movement is real and we are literally seeing Roe v. Wade unravel before our eyes. When I was arrested last year outside of Senator Collins office during the Kavanaugh Confirmation, is precisely what I was fighting to protect. 

I am proud to have Emily’s List and #VOTEPROCHOICE ‘s endorse in this race because as a Delegate, you can trust that I will fight for Virginia women and families. I have been arrested over this, now I want to legislate to protect it.